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International Social Clusters

SIG fosters cooperation between the US, Europe, post-Soviet republics, and developing nations globally to address human-related challenges while nurturing democratic change. We do this by promoting the implementation of International Social Clusters to develop cooperation, collaboration, and synergies between NGOs, government institutions, policymakers, and scientific and private organizations.

  • On March 13, 2013, SIG facilitated a roundtable discussion in the Lithuanian Parliament focusing on ”International Social Clusters: An Innovative Tool for Implementing & Building Democracies, Gender Equality, & Women’s Advancement in Post-Soviet States”.

Social Innovations Global and the US Embassy in Vilnius in cooperation with the Women Parliamentary Group of the Lithuanian Parliament hosted a roundtable discussion on International Social Clusters: An Innovative Tool for Implementing & Building Democracies, Gender Equality & Women’s Advancement in Post-Soviet States in the Lithuanian Parliament/Seimas in March 2013.

During this roundtable discussion, the following topics were discussed:

  • gender equality policies in Lithuania,
  • the United States’ foreign policies on empowering women and girls globally,
  • the impact and benefits of international social clusters, and
  • how an international social cluster can improve women’s empowerment and gender equality in the post-Soviet states through American and Lithuanian initiatives and synergies.

During this roundtable discussion, representatives from various Lithuanian government ministries, Lithuanian universities, Lithuanian NGOs, and embassies including from the United States, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine spoke about developing a pilot international social cluster. The response to the discussion was positive, and SIG has continued the conversation with many of the participants to begin a pilot program with developing democracies. SIG will actively pursue these initiatives in the future as a way to fulfill our mission of advocating gender equality and building thriving democracies.


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