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Entrepreneurial Training Programs for Unemployed & Vulnerable Groups

SIG has developed an 8-hour training program to help disadvantaged and vulnerable groups learn new skills to identify self-employment opportunities by starting new enterprises including social enterprises. We focus on recognizing entrepreneurship as a viable career choice for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in today’s global economy. This training course helps participants change their current situation by moving from unemployment and getting off social benefits to self-employment as entrepreneurs.

  • This program was implemented in Lithuania, Kaunas March 14-15, 2013 for 12 unemployed women and in March 5, 2014 for 15 unemployed women.


Jill Hansen and Alex Gabbano, Social Innovations Global, facilitated the program for unemployed women in Lithuania in March 2013 and Alex Gabbano did the training in March 2014. Both trainings were focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills. Many unemployed Lithuanian women have not considered self-employment as a viable career path. This training program helped participants:

  • understand what entrepreneurship is and what is takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • Learn how to develop entrepreneurial skills and how to overcome many of the obstacles and challenges women entrepreneurs face.
  • identify entrepreneurial opportunities for women in Lithuania including social entrepreneurial ideas.

The facilitators are both experienced entrepreneurs and trainers and as SIG’s founding board members, are dedicated to helping disadvantaged women develop the skills necessary to either find jobs or create new jobs


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