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Training programs on ”Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Connections between Enterprises and NGOs”

SIG developed a 4-day training program for enterprises and NGOs entitled “The Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Connections between Enterprises & NGOs”

This program has three distinct training sessions:

  1. Enterprises to better understand the value of CSR, develop effective CSR initiatives as a core business strategy, and build connections with NGOs
  2. NGOs to learn how to partner with enterprises to increase their capacity, sustainability, and drive their mission
  3. Corporate Citizen Networking Event to brainstorm new CSR initiatives and discussing potential enterprise/NGO partnership

Each training session is highly interactive incorporating practical exercises, real life examples, and small group activities. Following the training sessions, all enterprise and NGO participants put their new knowledge and skills into action during the Corporate Citizenship Networking Event.

Figure 1: Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Connections between Enterprises & NGOs project flow

  • This program, sponsored by the US Embassy in Lithuania, was implemented in Kaunas, Lithuania March 03-06, 2014 for 20 representatives of enterprises and 21representatives of NGOs.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Connections between Enterprises and NGOs in Lithuania aimed to develop strong connections between enterprises and NGOs. The 1-day Enterprise Training focused on helping Lithuanian businesses recognize the importance of not only making a profit, but also fostering healthy and socially responsible workplaces and helping solve social and environmental issues within their communities. The 2.5-day NGO Training helped Lithuanian NGOs learn how to partner with local organizations to help further their missions, better serve their clients, and develop innovative new programs focused on improving the community. The Corporate Citizenship Networking Event facilitated discussions between enterprises and NGOs to develop partnerships and/or joint initiatives

Courtney Price, PhD, President/CEO of VentureQuest (USA) and Jill Hansen, Executive Director of

Social Innovations Global (USA) presented best practices from the American experience on corporate social responsibility. Dr. Price, President/CEO of VentureQuest, is a world renowned entrepreneur, management consultant, and educator. Ms Hansen is an expert in multinational enterprise and NGO management.

All participants received a Certificate of Completion. Nina Murray, Cultural Attache and Giedra Gurevičiūtė-Demereckienė, Political/Economic specialist from USA Embassy Vilnius have participated in the Corporate Citizenship Networking Event and helped present certificates to each participant.


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