Courtney Price, Ph.D.

President and CEO

Courtney Price, Ph.D. is the president and CEO of VentureQuest, an international management consulting, education, and training firm, which works with NGOs, entrepreneurial ventures, multinational corporations, universities, and governmental agencies worldwide to leverage the value of their strategic initiatives, innovations, and intellectual capital. Dr. Price focuses on helping organizations develop, implement, and improve strategies for sustainability, diagnose and solve business problems, and measure business effectiveness that produce bottom line impact.

Since the mid-1980s, VentureQuest has offered adult education, training, and mentoring programs to improve business acumen and increase employability. Our leading-edge learning methodologies and customized mentoring approaches helps participants achieve their visions, develop their workforce skills, start new businesses, and enhance their leadership skills. Our online diagnostic tools help them quickly identify and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses so they can develop a personal improvement action plan.

Dr. Price’s innovative educational and training programs have been utilized by more than 200,000 professionals in business environments worldwide. She is an internationally recognized expert in mentoring and executive development and directed the renowned Committee of 200 Mentoring/Protégé program which helps women build and growth enterprises. She created a “Mini Mentor” approach concentrating on leadership development and improved business performance. C200 is the professional organization of preeminent women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Dr. Price founded the Entrepreneurial Education Foundation and co-founded FastTrac™, achieving national acclaim as the leading provider of business training and development for entrepreneurs. The U.S. Small Business Association Vision 2000 recognized FastTrac™ as a “Module of Excellence” for entrepreneurship education. In addition, Dr. Price was the first Scholar-in-Residence at The Kauffman Foundation where she assisted in the development of lifelong curricula for entrepreneurs and NGOs. Previously, she designed and launched the Institute of Entrepreneur­ship and Creativity in the School of Business at Metropolitan State College of Denver and was its director and a Professor of Management.

VentureQuest was selected for a European Union to participate in a project to design an e-mentoring system for adult learners involved in career transition, pursing entrepreneurial opportunities, and starting new businesses. In addition, Dr. Price has designed and facilitated programs for Mexican business owners on how to evaluate and develop their products and services for international markets. VentureQuest also works with international trade offices and universities to help entrepreneurs develop entry strategies for the US market.

Dr. Price is also an internationally recognized management writer and facilitator presenting seminars and workshops on sustainability, life skills improvement, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, strategic planning, and leadership development. She has won literary awards and wrote a nationally syndicated weekly column “Entrepreneurs Ask,” which appeared in more than 400 Scripps-Howard newspapers nationwide for over 10 years. She has written many articles and more than 15 books on business effectiveness, management, innovation, and entrepreneurship, many used by NGOs, practicing entrepreneurs, governmental agencies, and in university courses worldwide. Dr. Price serves on several boards and is a visiting professor at colleges and universities around the globe. She received her bachelor and master degrees from the University of Colorado and her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Contact Information:

Courtney Price
E-mail: cprice@venturequestltd.com


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