About Us

Our Vision: Zero tolerance for inequality worldwide

Social Innovations Global, a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2012, grew from an idea of the Board of Directors of Social Innovation Fund's (SIF). SIF, founded in Lithuania in 1994, is a leading Lithuanian NGO for building democracy, promoting gender equality and protecting women’s human rights, encouraging diversity, and promoting the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups throughout Europe. In 1996, Liudmila Mecajeva, Managing Director of SIF and current President of SIG, was selected by USAID for a 5-week study visit to the US focusing on NGO capacity building.

Building on SIF’s vast experience, Liudmila Mecajeva teamed with Jill Hansen and Alex Gabbano from the United States forming Social Innovations Global to expand innovative training programs for women and vulnerable groups and democracy-building initiatives worldwide. In addition, SIG helps leaders of NGOs worldwide on building their capacity to develop sustainability strategies for and ensure the highest quality of services provided to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

SIG fosters cooperation between the US, Europe, post-Soviet republics, and developing nations globally to address human-related challenges while nurturing democratic change.

Social Innovations Global's goals are to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of NGOs worldwide to ensure the highest quality of services provided to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  • Promote gender equality and empower women and girls globally

  • Protect the human rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups

  • Empower vulnerable and disadvantaged people worldwide to achieve economic independence and become active members of society
  • Foster cooperation and collaboration among NGOs, private, scientific, and public sector organizations to reduce inequities and address tough social and economic problems
  • Build democracies by sharing best practices across national borders

  • Facilitate gender mainstreaming initiatives worldwide

  • Research, evaluate, and report the effectiveness of our initiatives building thriving democratic societies as well as helping vulnerable and disadvantaged groups worldwide

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